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Construction on the garden’s pergola, a major part of our Master Plan, began in late summer and was completed in time for the 2017 season. This project was made possible through the generous financial support from Mr. Charles Carl, Jr. and the Carlilian Foundation, as well as individual donations.


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In late June, 2014, Decker’s Landscaping and Nursery began work on the construction of the lower pond, a project that was part of our Central Park Rose Garden Master Plan. The public watched with great anticipation as the machinery showed up, the men started digging, the liners were laid down and the boulders were put in place. In just a few short weeks, the area was transformed into a stunning water feature, complete with a lovely waterfall, aquatic plants, and meandering paths. We invite everyone to stop by and spend some quiet time enjoying this most dramatic improvement to the Rose Garden.

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